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About Little River Grill

About Us | Little River Grill - Radford, VA

The Little River Grill is a dining establishment in Radford, Virginia, offering grilled and barbecued sandwiches and entrees for lunch or dinner daily. At the Little River Grill, we believe that every meal that you eat with us is a special meal, and you always deserve the most delicious and freshest food.

When you explore our diverse menu of grilled and barbecued choices, you are guaranteed to find something that you will not just love, but will come back to try again and again. Come by and find your new favorite food at the Little River Grill!

The Little River Grill has earned the reputation of always providing delicious food at reasonable prices, and the restaurant has become a favorite with locals in Radford, Virginia. The Little River Grill knows that the combination of great food, classic recipes, loving families, and good friends can create a truly stand-out restaurant experience, one where folks can come and share a fine meal together. Bring the family into the Little River Grill today!

If you’re looking for a great place to go and experience wonderful home-style cooking with grilled sandwiches and entrees, succulent barbecue, side dishes and desserts, then the Little River Grill is the restaurant for you! Based in Christiansburg, we proudly serve residents and businesses in the Christiansburg and Radford, VA areas.

We want you to come in, relax, and let us do all of the cooking so that you can share a great meal with your friends and family.

Stop by the Little River Grill today and enjoy delicious food and friendship!

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