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BBQ Food

BBQ Food  | Little River Grill - Radford, VA

Good BBQ food can start off as an addiction and quickly blossom into an obsession. The down-home American tradition of smoking and slow cooking meat may be considered a summertime treat, but at Little River Grill, great BBQ food is available every day of the year. Visit us and sample some today!

Our delicious fare includes:

Brisket - Great brisket is almost an excuse for a party all by itself, when properly smoked and barbecued. At Little River Grill, our brisket comes out of the pit looking blackened and burnt, but inside is the most tender, smoky meat, drop dead delicious and great all by itself with a huge splash of sauce or on a sandwich.

Ribs - There is something a little decadent about chewing on a big, juicy, messy rib, especially if it’s covered in sauce. You can’t help getting messy, but it’s worth it! The Little River Grill begins the process of great barbecue by smoking the ribs, pork and beef, then cooking them for hours until the meat is practically falling off of the bones. Their own secret barbecue sauce is then liberally applied, and the result is so delicious that it’s worth all of the mess the ribs make when you eat them!

Steaks/Chicken/Chops - Any type of meat can be thrown on the grill and called barbecue, but it takes a master to make a piece of meat, whether a thick steak, gorgeous chop, or juicy piece of chicken, sing with flavor. Little River Grill prepares all of their barbecue by first smoking it in their own smoker, then using a combination of secret spices to create a dry rub flavorful enough to make even the simplest cut into a masterpiece. The addition of their award winning barbecue sauce adds the final flair, creating a feast fit for a king!

The art of great BBQ food is alive and well at Little River Grill in Christiansburg, Virginia. While some might argue that barbecue consists of no more than tossing a piece of meat over some heat, the truth is that for really wonderful BBQ food – the kind that melts in your mouth and makes you raise your eyes to the sky in pure pleasure – the process of cooking great barbecue isn’t so simple.

To achieve the kind of fork-tender, succulent flavor that the Little River Grill demands of its barbecue, their meat is cooked at low temperatures for up to 16 hours or more. This slow cooking imparts the tenderness and flavor that cannot be achieved by quick grilling.

For truly amazing BBQ food, try the Little River Grill. Your mouth will love you for it!

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