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A hard day at the office or a long day of carting the kids around can be rough, and sometimes the only cure for a difficult day is a quick splurge at the Little River Grill. Little River Grill offers hamburgers cooked 20 different ways on the grill, with toppings of all kinds, succulent barbecued meats and chops and grilled sandwiches so delicious that even the worst day seems like a distant memory.

Great food from the grill is what the Little River Grill is all about. And, all of the great choices offered are not just tasty, but are so affordable that even a splurge is cost efficient. Try the Little River Grill today and your whole family will thank you for it!

A grill is not just a place to cook a burger. Many great recipes come off of a grill, and the Little River Grill has taken the very best of these to offer to you every day. The grill is also a wonderful place to test new recipes for grilled sandwiches, steaks, chicken and even grilled vegetables. Visit the Little River Grill and taste all of their wonderful dishes fresh from the grill!

A grill is great for cooking all kinds of meals and snacks.

The Little River Grill has the following dishes on their daily menu, or offered occasionally as specials:

• Burgers (Beef, Turkey and Vegetarian)
• Steaks
• Chicken
• Chops (Pork and Lamb)
• Sandwiches
• Vegetables

Perhaps you would like to take a special client to lunch, or bring a friend in for a birthday surprise. Why not bring in the whole team after a big game, or the whole family for a different kind of holiday meal? Whatever the occasion, the Little River Grill has great food on the grill, ready for you and whomever you hope to impress with amazingly good food.

The delectable food at the Little River Grill is waiting for you, so stop in and try some today!

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